Soulforce Leadership is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.


Our long-term vision is a world in which we, human beings, remember, honor, celebrate, and protect the web of life that connects us to each other, all living beings, and our Beloved Mother Earth. 



Soulforce Leadership develops and aligns the hearts, minds, and hands of youth leaders and mothers in the pursuit of creating a Beloved community. This unbounded community is based on the fundamental understanding of the interconnectedness of all lives and driven by compassion, love, equity and justice for all.

No living being is left out of our hearts. 


Look Inward

  • Meditate, explore & reflect on who and what you are - your feelings, your conscious and unconscious thoughts, your joys and sorrows, your core values & your life purpose.
  • Pratice how you can be the change you want to see in the world with self-love and patience.

Listen Deeply

  • Listen to other people’s feelings & values without interruption, judgement, or wanting to fix or save them. Hold empathy for others.

Identify & ACT ON the Injustice

  • Notice conflict, violence, or oppression in yourself, relationships with others, in systems, and in society across dimensions of difference & power (e.g. race, gender, class, positional authority, etc).   

Foster Love

  • Strengthen relationships & create systemic change that promotes forgiveness, reconciliation, mutual understanding & friendship toward common goals & a vision for the future.   

We define soulforce as the capacity to channel your own inherent wisdom, creativity, & passion and work with others different than you to create lasting social impact.   We draw inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi who coined the term "Soulforce."  Soulforce is knowing what matters to you and who you are and aligning that internal power to a social mission larger than you. 

We are proud to be apart of the Harvard University Network for Adaptive Leadership & Pecemaking.  As part of this work, we are connected to a  global movement of building local peace-makers and change leaders.  As the United Nations recently stated, impacting how youth see the world will be the most important response to peace in the world to counter the alarming trend of tribalism and extremism going on in the world.   Instead of separating further from ourselves and each other and the earth, it is time to learn how to work together toward real change.  


“Human Rights Begins in Small Places Near Home”
— Eleanor Roosevelt