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Process for volunteering as a mentor: 

Mentors are public sector and private sector individuals who have soulforce.  They should be role models and mentors to the teams, and have a deep passion to give back to the community.   There are two ways to mentor fellows:  

  • Summer Mentors (Option 1):  Meet with a team of 5 fellows for 3 meetings that are each 3 hours each (9-hour time commitment over the course of the summer).  The fellows will be in small teams of 4-5 individuals who will be provided an agenda and they will run the meeting, while you will be playing that coach on the side (rather than the sage on the stage!) who inspires, motivates, and helps the team if they are stuck, and provides observation on team dynamics.  You will get the opportunity to create authentic & meaningful relationships with a group of amazing fellows.   See calendar for details on dates. 
  • Final Presentation Panelists (Option 2)   Be on a distinguished panel of private sector and public sector panelists who will hear and give feedback to the team's final projects.  This will be a 8-hour commitment on in early August . See calendar for details.
A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you
— Bob Proctor

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