Resources for Learning & Community 

Mindfulness & Meditation 

Youtube Meditation Video:  Mindfullness meditation:

Peaceful and powerful Joy meditation.

Greater good in action website:

Dharma Talks:

Local Awakin Circles:

Shambala Meditation Center:

Oprah video with Thich Nchat Han:

Not Being a Bystander

Latané and Darley (1970) point out that sometimes people feel too embarrassed or socially awkward to help others in a public setting. When bystanders do not help out of a fear of being judged it is called Audience Inhibition. Another time in which helping does not occur is when the costs of doing so are simply not worth it. In these situations, such as when violence is a factor, indirect help by calling 911 may be the only safe option.


Social Change in Communities 

Karma Kitchen

How to make a movement happen:

Dreamers organizing campaign Operation Butterfly.

#1.  Lowell High School… fighting HATE GROUPS.

#2 Live Oak 

Teen Stress:

Local Anti-Trafficking Work in Santa Clara

Homelessness in Silicon Valley Youth:

Mountain View Youth Advisory Council:

Race & Inequity in Silicon Vallley:


Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is 14 years old, and committed to changing the world. This self-described "indigenous, environmental, eco hip hop artist and activist" is also the youth director of Earth Guardians, a nonprofit that empowers young people around the world to become involved in environmental activism. "The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness, not saving the planet." Martinez says. "Because the planet doesn't need saving; we do." -

Small Actions Create Change

One Straw Revolution   Toward a do nothing approach to farming

Creative Constrints

Anti-Bias/Diversity/Equity Work 

Being An Ally:

If you really knew me:

Not in our town:

Understanding Power:

Conflict Animals:


Story Telling

Ganz Story of Self:


Non violent communication center:

upcoming retreat on NVC:

we are not charge in of our decisions


Shifting from the Hero Model of Leadership to the Host Model:

Michael Moore talking about what change can be achieved:

the power of young leaders:

Non-Violent Systems Change

Gene Sharp:

198 ways of nonviolence:

Ahimsa Center:

Nipun talking about gandhi 3.0

Emotional Intelligence


Profiles of Local Leaders: 


Spreading love during the Charleston Tragedies:

Young leaders can change the world:

Inspiring Music `


Human-Centered Design


Fred Luskin:

South Africa:




Theater of the Oppressed:  

In the bay area, classes can be taken at the Berkeley Repertory Theater (starting soon):

Interview with Augusto Boal (Augusto describes his own work)

Interview about TO with Angelina Longueras:

Experiments with the People's Theatre In Peru (this is a core, seminal text) by Augusto Boal.

Pedagogy of the Oppressed (this is another core text).

This is a slightly more academic article on "Theater as a Martial Art": How to deal with violence (metaphorical, symbolic and literal) using theater
(From "Come Closer")

This is short pamphlet on how to do TO (quick and easy manual for "barefoot theater")--from "Acting for Indigenous Rights"


Foundations & Funders

Linkd'n for Good

Education & Social Change

New York, USA– Today at 10 am ET, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security.  Following recent attacks and acts of terror, the Resolution signals the world leaders’ acknowledgement of youth’s contribution to countering violent extremism, recognizing their role as crucial partners in building a safer world.


Social Impact in Teams

Leadership Compass Tool:

5 dysfunctions of a tool:

No grand plans. Star with one step.

The wisdom of teams 

Motivating/Reaching Teens


Developing Outcomes