Theory of Change (if/Then statement)

If we provide an intensive, experiential learning experience for youth & community leaders to understand themselves deeply, connect with others who are different than them across race, class, and gender differences, and channel this energy toward making an impact in their own communities....

Then, we will create courageous and authentic leaders who will tackle social causes with mindfulness & care toward sustainability for the long-run. 



Read about why we need a program like this here 


Impact Measures

We will be rigorous about measuring impact by working with Dr. Eric Barela who is providing an external evaluation through pro-bono consulting with the Salesforce Foundation.   We will conducting a pre and post survey, focus groups, and publish a report on the project, examining the shifts that have occurred for the leaders & the impact that is being made in the community.  



We must decide to live with a sense of universal responsibility, identifying ourselves with the whole earth community, as well as our own local communities.”
— The Earth Charter Preamble