Housing & Compassion Community Circle

Soulforce Leadership is looking to launch a circle on housing & compassion in the fall of Spring 2018.

Why is this important? 

  • Housing is a hot-topic issue and there are many political debates and opinions about the issue. 
  • Everyone is being impacted by housing so it matters to everyone.  
  • Everyone is very attached to their view of looking at the issue. 
  • We want to explore housing in a different way--we want to hear the stories from the community members who sit on different sides of the issue to explain to us how they are being impacted and to offer compassion and empathy to one another.  

What do we hope to accomplish? 

  • We want to connect with our hearts, and this does not mean we will shy away from the hard aspects of this issue.  
  • By sitting in circle, sharing stories, connecting with ourselves, and each other, we believe there is a possibility of a shift occurring in the circle.  
  • We believe there will be an emergence of a solution, a way forward, an insight, or even just stronger relationships amongst us all that perhaps could lead to greater changes in our community that benefit everyone. 


If so, apply to come to this free session with this interest form, and we'll then be in touch.   We are going to cap the size of the group to 20 individuals and we want a set of diverse individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives, so we may select for that.  Thank you for your interest. 


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