Parents & Students FAQs

1. Why are we offering this session? 

  • Young people are rising up everywhere for their rights to a just future and just communities, and they need the support of their elders, their peers, and their families and communities.

  • Soulforce Leadership provides a courageous and safe space to dream up what change means for yourself and your community around you.  

2. What is the structure of the program?  

  • 5-day Institute to learn the fundamentals of nonviolence  (dates below) 
  • 6 weekly video calls to integrate the 6 principles of nonviolence into your way of life & assess a conflict in their life or community and make a plan of action for transforming this conflict.
  • A presentation at the end of the summer of what the personal & collective learnings are for friends & family & community leaders. 

3. What is the curriculum? 

  • We use a variety of frameworks that draw primarily from mindfulness, understanding oppression & social justice, & Gandhian/Kingian Nonviolence.  Learn more here. 

  • You will work both on inner change--how to look within, be present, and how will grow as a person--as well as outer change--how you will transform conflict in your community into love and reconciliation.  

  • The program is highly experiential, soulful, joyful, and both calming and energizing with many guest speakers & trainers.  

4.  What are the dates? 

  • The 5-day institute: June 11th-15th

    • Monday-Thursday: 9:30am - 4:30pm (Snacks and lunch provided)

    •  Friday: 1:00-10:00pm (Dinner provided) / Special schedule for Celebration Community Building Night !!!

  • The 6 weekly video calls on Mondays:  June 18th to July 23rd (10am-12pm)

  • The culminating event: August 11th (6:00- 9:30pm) with parents/friends invited. 

5.  Where will it be offered? 

 The 5-day Institute will take place in the Oak room @ Los Altos Methodist Church - 655 Magdalena avenue, Los Altos

6.  HOW MUCH? 

The workshop operates on a Gift Economy model and is therefore FREE for it's participants.  The community has sponsored these spots for youth leaders & there will be an opportunity to pay-it-forward in the future.  


7.  Who should apply? 

  • A student entering high school or in high school can apply (entering 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.)
  • A student living in the peninsula or south bay of the San Francisco bay area as the location of the training room will be in Mountain View.   
  • A student interested in exploring service in the context of their future goals should apply (note that a student can be interested in any field--technology, medicine, engineering, a non-profit, teacher, social worker, community organizer--and not knowing what they want to be when they grow up is also ok.)   
  • A student who can attend all sessions & has the time to devote to a social-impact project. Read about our curriculum here.
  • A student passionate about making a difference and learning about themselves.   

8.  Is there a religious component to the program? 

  • The program is not religious and non-denominational.
  • The program is open to all political ideas.  

9. How does an applicant get selected? 

  • Parents or students must first apply
  • Students will then be interviewed and selected to ensure they are invested & committed to the program.   
  • Diversity of the cohort across race, gender, schools, income will all come into consideration in creating the fellowship cohort. 

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