Nakai (June 2018)

On Thursday we were spreading kindness in the park by handing out flowers to strangers. It made me so happy to see the smile on people’s faces as I handed them the bouquet of purple and yellow flowers. One woman that I gave flowers to was video chatting with her mother who was in China. When I handed the bouquet to her I put a smile on both her and her mother’s face. Another fellow asked me if I wanted to join her to the Jesuit Retreat Center that was a ten minute walk from the park. After the exhausting up hill walk I finally saw the gorgeous retreat. The two of us walked up a flight of stairs and was met with what seemed to be a courtyard. We walked around the retreat, offering flowers to everyone we met, but one woman’s kindness will stay in my heart. When we offered her a flower she was so thankful and asked us our names. We got into a long conversation with her about how she came to attended the retreat and her life as a nun. This experience filled my heart with happiness, I would definitely love to continue to do acts of kindness like this in the future.