May (June 2018)

I never really realized how important food was and its true potential until I shared the experience with this group of people at Soulforce. To be honest I was a bit dubious about not sharing conversations with one another and the only exchanges that would occur were stories relating to food. During dinner at home, I would often avoid social media as I’d try to fill in the voids with the bustling news that occurred in places too far from home. But as more individuals shared their snapshots with food, it really made me realize the power it has over our culture and values. Hearing he smallest stories of remembering and honoring someone who used to  be there to appreciating the smallest gifts of someone’s presence made me almost sorrowful for not properly utilizing the time in the past. So many times had I missed out on the opportunities to exchange wisdom and gain new insights about people as well as the world around me. The simple 30 minutes of lunch made me truly appreciate the art of storytelling and how food is able to bring so many different backgrounds together.