Danny (June 2018)

As someone who has graduated high school, I have been growing up and learning about the world a bit more as I venture outside "the nest." Before entering Soulforce, I had gone through a change in my actions by being politically active and canvassing despite being extremely shy. However, I have found that knowledge alone has not been sufficient in my day to day life and desire to help build a better world. The feelings of fear, hopelessness, and anger have manifested in my behavior. Defensiveness and a combative attitude have reinforced weakness in communication.

Soulforce gave me a safe environment to be secure in myself and introduce me to the practice of listening with my heart. Right now I feel like still a beginner, I am just beginning to change my attitude and behavior towards one of kindness and non-judgement. However, with the skills and ways on nonviolence I feel the strength to become vulnerable and reach out to others and accept that I don't have all the answers. I hope to connect with others and create an environment where we can all find hope and the belief in our capability to add to the pool of knowledge and realize our intrinsic worth as human beings.

My brain did a lot of stretching and I think it is for the better.