Calendar of Soulforce Leadership Events & Other Community Events Occurring 

* Saturday, July 8th  Heritage Park Community Garden Children Soulforce Events led by Director Poonam & Soulforce Youth Leader Kian  9 am-11 am (Gardening Time); 10 AM Circle will begin with meditation and kindness/gratitude activities for children 

*Next Soulforce Leadership Cohort Training July 15th 10:30-2:30 PM

*OakSpire-Led by Pancho and Raj for 4 weeks beginning July 3rd going to July 31st 9 am 1 pm today.  Goal is to bring free kindness and gratitude activities to kids in the Fruitvale.  They are looking for help!

*Awakin Circles--at Nipun's house in Santa Clara 7 PM.  Meditation Circle and sharing insights followed by a silent meal. RSVP in advance and come.

*Insight Meditation Group--Free meditation group held Tuesday Evenings in Mountain View

*Next Karma Kitchen July 30th in Berkeley

*July 16th Refinery Healing Walk Morgan Told Us About in the East Bay