Soulforce Leadership is an incubator for high school students, young adults (18-24), and mothers who want to see and create change in their communities using principles of nonviolence, mindfulness, justice, equity, and love.   

Our long-term vision is an interconnected web of Soulforce Leaders able to work across space, time,  gender, racial, economic and any other lines of difference to engage in the healing of our world and build a life-sustaining civilization for present and future generations.  

overview of our programs:

  • We have had three High-Schoolers circles since the summer of 2014. This program consists of a 5-day Leadership Institute followed by bi-weekly meetings in the summer and then continues throughout the school year with regular support meetings. (Changes may be made to the current format - Stay tuned) 
  • We had our first Mothers circle on December 3rd, 2017 and will be offering more opportunities in the near future. 
  • We will be hosting our first young adults circle during a FREE weekend retreat at Hidden Villa on  January 26-28th 2018, followed by ongoing support. 

We are a partner of the Harvard Adaptive Leadership Peacemaking Network

Here is what our students have written about the experience. 

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